A video door phone is an electronic security product that allows you to see and speak with a visitor before opening the door. The video intercom system helps a resident to know who is on the doorstep and whether or not he/she should be let into the premises. It enables the resident to communicate from a distance and maintain safety without any physical interaction that can turn dangerous. Video door phone systems consist of an internal and external element each with a specific functionality.

The device is divided into External and Internal:
1. External:
The external device has a camera enabled with night vision, multiple buttons to make a call, a microphone to communicate with the occupant and a speaker through which the occupant communicates.

2. Internal:
The indoor device has a video entry monitor that allows the occupant to see the visitor, a
microphone and earpiece for interaction and a push button to open the electronic door lock, in case the occupant chooses to allow the visitor to come in.

Operating A Video Door Phone System
It is important to introduce and teach the children and elderly in the house about how to operate the video door phone security system to keep the house safe. It is important to teach children to not let in any visitors without a guardian accompanying them.

When a visitor presses the call button on the door unit, the bell rings, the screen of the indoor unit lights up, and the occupant can see the visitor. However, make sure that the device is connected properly, and the power is switched on, or else you won’t receive an alert. To initiate a two-way conversation, press the “Talk” button to speak to the visitor or pick up the microphone attached to it. If a child is operating the security video phone system, it is best to inform another adult in the house and let them interact with the visitor.
Once convinced the visitor is a known person, just press the push button that triggers the E-lock to open the gates.

Tips To Keep In Mind
When a visitor knocks on the door, instead of pressing the call button, do not, under any circumstance, open the door. It is necessary to teach this to children as it could be a security threat. Ask the visitor to use the security video door phone and confirm their identity before opening the door. Instruct children to act similarly or immediately bring it to the notice of an adult.
When buying a video door phone, make sure that it comes with an alarm that goes off when someone attempts to tamper (i.e. vandalism) with the system.
Make sure that the outdoor system is both weatherproof and waterproof and can resist any possible tampering.
The camera must be enabled with infrared illuminators for night vision and should have a wide coverage area to ensure maximum surveillance.
The market offers a broad range of video door phones in India, the prices of which differ according to the features available in them. If used wisely, video door phone security systems can provide complete security to families and corporations alike.

Security equipment, in this modern world, is of fundamental significance for businesses, houses, industrial and even residential areas. Video door phones are a modern tech development that has been getting popularized as security installations.

Video door phone is one of the advanced devices that assistance to eliminate the danger of risk from intruders. It is an extreme security gadget for the home. Video door phones encourages people to speak with the visitors through closed door before allowing them to enter into the premise. With the installation of the Video door phone in Ahmedabad at home, one can feel secure with the protection.

The primary feature of this Video door phone is that the person sitting at home can easily identify the visitor and make a decision then and there if he or she wants to visit the visitor or not. This development is really a smart idea to take if you are looking for security for your children at home.

Video Door Phone that not only allows you to see who’s at the door, but also enables to communicate with the visitor before you open the door. The Indoor Monitor can be easily installed anywhere in the house, giving you the convenience of viewing the visitors, unlocking the door and viewing any suspicious activity – All at the press of a button, without having to walk up to the door.

Enables you to view and interact with the visitor without opening the door
2 – Way Communication
Clear Speaker system
Upto 8 ringtones available
More than one indoor monitor can be attached with outdoor camera
Unlocking the electric lock on recognizing the visitor
Adjustable brightness, contrast and volume
Low power consumption

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