Not at home? Not a problem.. Grant access to anyone from anywhere, temporarily or forever. Never waste time waiting around again.

Access your smart lock using your smartphone, fingureprint, access card or ordinary mechanical key. Smart lock is an electromechanical lock which allows you to open and lock your doors with a virtual key of fingerprint, face, code, RFID card, putting an end to problem of lost keys and enabling an array of intelligent and useful features. It allows more control so that you can lock and unlock your door remotely (whether you’re home or away) and even extend “digital keys” to friends, family, caregivers and anyone else you regularly admit into your home

A smart lock is an electronic and mechanical locking device that opens wirelessly with an authorized users’ authentication.Instead, the user uses their smartphone or a key fob to wirelessly verify and mechanically unlock the door. Smart locks are an extension of home automation into home security.

Why might you want a smart door lock?
Your arms are loaded with groceries and, as you approach the front door, the door lock recognizes your smartphone and automatically unlocks. Or maybe you want to grant access to family, friends, guests, service providers when you’re not home—so you just text them a code. Or maybe you’re away from home and want to keep track of who opens the door, or be alerted when they do.

A smart lock will make your life easier and heighten your sense of control and security over your abode when you’re not home.

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