Public Address system offers a simple method of information and entertainment dissemination to the masses while offering exceptional scalability and configuration options. The use of a digital signal processor allows total user control of the PA system. Users have the flexibility to broadcast background music to a number of selected PA zones, while making an audio announcement to other individual or selected zones simultaneously.

Public Address system has been provided for use across various market applications that require communication with the masses. IP based PA system has the ability to broadcast live and pre-recorded messages, tones, bells or alarms to one or multiple PA zones.

With a traditional Public Address system, the voice, music & sound is transported via dedicated cabling. This means that the cabling ‘fixes’ the individual components of the system (eg. speakers, microphones and system equipment). With an IP based Public Address system, we are free from dedicated fixed cabling, providing promise for much more flexible and integrated commercial IP audio solutions.


ANNOUNCEMENTS & TONES – Live PA announcements. Also prerecorded, time scheduled audio message, tone, alarm and bell distribution.

BACKGROUND MUSIC STREAMING – Multiple simultaneous streams of background music can be distributed throughout the system at each zone.

UNLIMITED MULTI ZONE – Dynamic grouping of PA zones, with no limit on the number of groups or the number of zones within a group.

AMBIENT NOISE SENSORS – Optional ambient noise sensing microphones provide Automatic Level Control (ALC) across the system.

SCALABILITY – Features dynamic grouping of PA zones, with no limit on the number of groups or the number of zones within a group ensuring complete system scalability.

FLEXIBILITY – System size and design flexibility plus time and zones scheduling, the ability to create detailed announcement files and dynamic grouping of PA zones.

IP PLATFORM – The ability to connect devices anywhere on the network and RTP Transmission protocol used for delivering audio over the system.

INTEGRATION – Seamless integration to many leading 3rd party system including building & security management, CCTV, access control and telephony.

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