The biggest advantage of integrating ‘levels of defense’ lies in the fact that it enables people to be able to detect an intrusion even before it has taken full affect. One should not have to wait for the intruder to break into the sanctity of their premises before they are even able to know of the intrusion. The very first level of defense that can be put into place is at the perimeter, and what better than to be able to utilize the latest in technologies for an almost fool proof security system. Even though the idea of a laser wall in India is a little less known, but the installation of a laser wall is one of the important steps to ensure maximum security

The objective behind having a Laser wall(laser fence):
A rather new concept of installing a laser wall in India, it provides protection against most types of intrusions. Set at an angle to the wall, the laser scanner is able to pick up all kinds of attempts at a break in, be it by climbing over the top of the wall or by crawling at the bottom. Another advantage of the laser wall is that it is able to detect if there are people loitering around the property. It scans the area and detects on the basis of a preset time limit.

The main features of these products are as follows:

Vertical and horizontal mounting
Unique detection algorithm
alarm output
Automatic area setting function
Environmental disqualification circuit
Scene selection (Outdoor, Indoor, Indoor Ceiling/Wall protection and Vehicle)
Anti-rotation function
Anti-masking function
Trouble output
Tamper output
Built-in heater
Analog (Dry contact) & IP connection
Environmental resistance function
Non detection area adjustment
Alarm duration function
With these features in place, it is rather simple for the customers to keep their properties safer with the installation of laser wall.

Types of walls/fences:
When we talk about laser wall/fences, we do not mean crisscrossing laser lines that form more of an obstacle course than a security measure. In the current context, Laser wall/fences in general refer to scanners that are installed at the fences of a premises in order to add an extra surveillance factor. laser scan detectors that identi¬≠fy a moving object’s size, speed, and distance from the detector. After that, they process that information with a unique algorithm, resulting in a highly reliable detection system with minimal false alarms. These detectors can also be mounted vertically or horizontally according to the application and site conditions.

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