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Home automation is part of the “The Internet of Things,” also known as IoT. The way devices and appliances can be networked together to provide us seamless control over all aspects of your home. Home automation has been around for many decades in terms of lighting and simple appliance control. Recently technology caught up with the idea of the interconnected world at the touch of your fingertips or a simple voice command to Alexa, Google Assistant. The dream of making your home smart is now a reality. With home automation, you can dictate how a device should react, when it should react, and why it should react. Set a schedule to determine when you want devices to turn on and off. Based on your personal preference you can control time, money, and convenience. home automation technology can be controllable while you’re away from home eg remotely turning on light while you’re on vacation, at work, or anywhere else. Grab your iPhone or Android to remotely control and change the settings in your house through a home automation app.

Saving time and money, smart home products give you the ability to control your home, lighting, appliances, and some decor from smartphone, an iphone, and even voice control. you can control lights with the sound of a clap or using the motion or you can sync it to your music. home automation devices are customizable to your schedule or routine. you can set Alexa in your kitchen to make a cup of coffee in the morning.

We are using wi-fi technology to automate your home. Wi-Fi technology can be really fast and super simple to set up. Typically, home automation devices using Wi-Fi for communication can be quickly setup using an app, and will not require a hub or other interface for remote control from a smarthphone or voice control – as the communication comes straight from your Wi-Fi Router to the devices. you can control all your lights, fan, curtains, guisers, AC,TV, STB and Music system even you can dim your lights as per your mood, suppose you dont want full intensity of light then you can control that intensity/lux of that light to 1% to 100%. you can also makes the different shades of color in your home as per your mood by using RGB strips or lights and all this control by using virtual assistant too.

Light Automation
Fan Automation
Ac/TV/STB Automation
Music Lightning/RGB automation
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