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Baggage Scanner System
The ever evolving world of technology demands a lot when it comes out security of your premises, possessions and more. The only way to ensure the optimum level of security is to use the latest, safest and reliable surveillance systems – one of the most important of them being the X-ray baggage scanning systems. X-Ray baggage scanners are imaging systems for detection of dangerous/ banned objects or substances within baggage/cases/packets etc. Baggage scanning machines are installed across premises which get high number of footfalls in a day, residential complexes, hospitals, airports, railway station and so on to ensure safety and security.

Baggage Inspection System is an integral part of the effective surveillance system. When surveillance is at times considered as a violation of privacy, Baggage Inspection System proves to be the most sophisticated security system which ensures thorough check without infringing the privacy. There are various models available for X-Ray Baggage scanners depending upon the purpose and location of installation.

Why Baggage Inspection System
X-ray baggage inspection system is greatly accepted security system even by the activists who are against surveillance calling it a privacy infringement as prime privacy of luggage.

Artistically designed to examine the components within the baggage efficiently and resourcefully with the help of x radiations.
It uses scanning principle that differentiates the baggage components using diverse colours based on their atomic numbers.
Saves lot on time and cost, as it efficiently scans the baggage in negligible amount of time using least manual resources.
Highly safe to use, as it is designed to generate zero radiation effects on the operator.
Effective in determines the harmful polymers and more.

Applications of Baggage Inspection System

  • Domestic and International Airports
  • Other Ports where security is a sensitive issue
  • Post offices
  • Ministerial buildings
  • VIP offices
  • Shopping Malls
  • Commercial buildings
  • Courthouses
  • Embassies and Military installations
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Stations/ Metro Stations
  • Enclosed Markets and more

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